Essential measures to fight indoor pollution

Faced with indoor air pollution, it becomes essential to clean the atmosphere of your homes through various air purifiers.

Various toxic substances present in the ambient air, more and more homes are equipped with air purifiers to clean the atmosphere. These devices of all kinds make it possible to fight effectively against this interior pollution harmful to health.


Bloow vous explique comment réduire l a pollution de l'air de votre maison


Use air purifiers to clean your home!

  • HEPA filter air purifiers are equipped with a mechanical filtration system that removes most fine particles.
  • Activated carbon purifiers retain bad odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some are design, easy to use and economical.
  • Finally, some air purifiers remove harmful particles such as microbes or moulds by producing negative ions in the air.

How the air in your home can be bad for your health

Ambient air pollution (link from the article “Your indoor air is polluted”) causes various diseases such as irritations, asthma attacks and other breathing problems due to fine particles, allergens and VOCs including formaldehyde. The latter is also carcinogenic.

Tips to fight against indoor pollution

Ventilate your home, favour natural cleaning products (baking soda, white vinegar). Limit the use of air fresheners


Blooow recommande de privilégiez les produits d’entretien naturels pour améliorer l'air de votre intérieur